Commercial Driver’s License Field Test Prep & Yard Skills


May 27, 2014


Madren Center

230 Madren Center Dr.

Clemson, SC

Commercial Driver’s License Field Test Prep & Yard Skills

May 27, 2014
Madren Center
230 Madren Center Dr.
Clemson, SC

Course Description:
The course will start with 2 hours of classroom work to discuss the important of pre-trip inspection, the strategies and approaches to negotiating turns, some helpful hints for vehicle and trailer backing, and some instructions for successful field exercise testing.  The remainder of the day will be hands-on.  The three focuses will be on 1)pre-trip inspection, including in-cab air brake tests and walk-around examination.  2)corning and turning exercises, where each student will execute a right hand and left hand turn in 1/8 mile track.  3)backing exercises will be completed on three levels: straight-backing, backing/parking left side entry and right side entry.

Speaker Bio:
Kevin Regan has devoted a career to integrating safety into municipal government organizations.  His expertise is in municipal and county agency work crew and facility safety.  He currently serves as contract safety officer for 9 cities, one county and one state university on a permanent contract basis.  Kevin is also an active safety instructor and safety program developer for the University of Florida T2 Technical Transfer (LTAP) Center.

Kevin began is career at the University of Florida where he studied Risk Management and Insurance.  After leaving college, he was employed by a major commercial and industrial insurance provider working with contractor, manufacturer and public agency clients.  Here he further developed his knowledge of general industry and construction safety.

In 1991, Kevin became the Risk Manager of the City of Venice which turned his emphasis solely toward public agency safety.  He was responsible for overseeing safety for all operations of the city including public works and utilities.

In 1998, Kevin started his own consulting firm in order to serve many county and city government agencies rather than one.  He now trains over 1400 municipal employees each month.  He also inspects a municipal facility or observes a work crew while trenching, conducting permit required confine space entry, road work, etc. on average 3 times per week.

In 2007, Kevin was appointed South Florida Director of the Florida Municipal Association for Safety and Health (FMASH) where he again served as an active safety instructor, safety program developer and Director of Training for the statewide association until December 2008.

Kevin recently celebrated the approval of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for continuing education credits for a municipal worker safety certification program.

Who Should Attend:
Designed specifically for state, county, municipal or special district transportation, public works, parks, streets/roads, water, waste water, distribution/collection and/or storm water utility workers or any other agency employees who are preparing for the pre–trip portion of CDL testing.

7:30 – 8:00Registration
8:00 – 10:00Introduction to Test Prep Program
Hazards of CDL (Heavy Vehicle) Driving
Importance of Pre-trips and Test Strategies
Special Challenges While Backing
Negotiating Turns
10:00 – 12:00Hands-on
Activity 1 – Pre-trip Test Prep Exercise
Activity 2 – Backing Exercises
Activity 3 – Turn Exercises
12:00 – 1:00Lunch (provided)
1:00 – 4:00Hands-on activities continued

Registration Fee:
The registration fee for the workshop is $150.00 per person. All South Carolina city, county, or state employees receive a LTAP scholarship registration fee of $60.00. The fee includes course materials, break refreshments, and the noon luncheon.

Advance registration is encouraged so that an accurate estimate of the number of workshop participants can be obtained. This is a hands-on workshop so space is limited. Only 24 slots available in this class!  Workshops with low advance registration will be subject to cancellation.

Registration Closed