2014 SC Highway Engineers Conference Presentations


Mar 25, 2014 - Mar 26, 2014

2014 SC Highway Engineers Conference Presentations

I-20 Widening in Richland County 
Robbie Isgett, Assistant District Construction Engineer, District One, SCDOT
Curtis Schwartz, Project Manager, Zachry Construction Corp.
Brian Nickerson, Director of Roadway Design, CECS

The New Strategic Highway Safety Plan 
Brett Harrelson, State Traffic Safety Engineer, SCDOT
Emily Thomas, Strategic Highway Safety Plan Manager, SCDPS

SCDOT System Management Using Probe Data
Dipak Patel, Director of Technical Applications, Office of Planning, SCDOT

State of the SCDOT
Christy Hall, Acting Secretary for Transportation, SCDOT

Platt Springs Road Environmental-Lessons Learned
Ashleigh Sandel, Resident Construction Engineer, Lexington Construction, SCDOT
Sean Connolly, Permitting Division Manager, SCDOT

DBE Stakeholders Open Discussion
Dr. Arlene Prince, Director, Business Development and Special Programs, SCDOT

Demystifying A/E Professional Services Contracting
Ken Sersun, Chief, Professional Services Contracting, SCDOT

Evolving the DDI
Smith Siromaskul, Sr. Traffic Engineer, HDR

Snow and Ice-Lessons Learned
Jim Feda, Director of Maintenance, SCDOT

Overview of Critical Path Method Schedule Specification
Bruce Wells, Project Controls Engineer, District One, SCDOT

Base Course Stabilization-State of the Practice
Eric Carroll, Chemical Stabilization Engineer, SCDOT

Survey Equipment Update
Dr. Wei Johnson, Construction Geomatics Engineer, SCDOT

Rumble Strip Policy Revision
Joey Riddle, Safety Program Engineer, SCDOT

SPR 693-Operational and Safety Characteristics of Lane Widths
Dr. Wayne Sarasua, Associate Professor, Clemson University

Brett Harrelson, State Traffic Safety Engineer, SCDOT

ADA Requirements
Carolyn Fisher, Operations Engineer, FHWA

General R/W Issues/Definitions/Applications
Bryan Jones, District Construction Engineer, District One, SCDOT

LPA Changes
Machael Peterson, Local Public Agency Administrator, SCDOT

FHWA Risk Based Stewardship
Tad Kitowicz, Operations Engineering Team Leader, FHWA

Bees Ferry Road Project
Steve Thigpen, Director of Transportation Development, Charleston County

Backgate-Horry County
Mike Barbee, Regional Production Engineer, Pee Dee Region, SCDOT
Richard Capps, Senior Vice President, STV/RWA
Ed Travera, President & Principal Senior Geotechnical Engineer, GeoStellar Engineering LLC

Implementing Project Wise-Construction
Brian Parnell, Construction Support Manager, SCDOT