Archived Newsletters

Winter 2012 FHWA Issues Guidance on Minimum Roadway Safety Data Collection
Summer 2012 Pedestrian Accessibility: Where Does Your Community Stand?
Spring 2012 Spraying It Safe
Fall 2011 About Every Day Counts
Summer 2011 The Science of Highway Safety
Spring 2011 Road Safety Audits Attract Growing Attention
Winter 2010 An Innovative Green Solution for Urban Street Renewal
Fall 2010 Revised MUTCD Sets New Safety Standards
Summer 2010 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Saving Lives on America's Hwys
Spring 2010 Traffic Safety Education for Nonengineers
Winter 2009 Is the Price of Fuel Getting You Down?
Fall 2009 National Website Shows Fatal Crashes in US - Including Your Community
Summer 2009 The US Department of Transportation Rural Safety Initiative
Winter 2008 Perform Benefit-Cost Analysis Online with New FHWA Program
Fall 2008 Greenville's Solid Waste Administrator Receives National Recognition
Summer 2008 When Should You Pave a Gravel Road
Spring 2008 Routes to the Ready
Winter 2007 Safety First
Fall 2007 Save a Tree - Electronic Delivery Options now Available
Summer 2007 Taking Action to Reduce Intersection Fatalities
Spring 2007 Fairfield County, SC use FDR to Upgrade Unpaved Roads
Winter 2006 T3S Hosts Peer Exchange
Fall 2006 Transportation Technology Transfer Service Celebrates 20 Years
Summer 2006 Your Guide to Work Zone Public Outreach Campaigns
Spring 2006 We Built It... America Moves On It!
Fall 2005 The Great Escape
Summer 2005 Highway Watch
Spring 2005 Are We There Yet?
Winter 2004 Teen Fatalities
Fall 2004 Special Safety Issue
Summer 2004 Washboarding
Spring 2004 SCDOT Receives National Safety Award
Winter 2003 Are we there yet?
Fall 2003 Center and Edge Line Pavement Markings
Summer 2003 Going to Training ? Here's Some Hints
Spring 2003 Distraction - Related Traffic Crashes
Winter 2002 Portable Speed Bump Keeps a Safe Work Zone Around Flaggers
Fall 2002 Joey Preston is National "County Leader of the Year"
Summer 2002 T3S to Host Southeastern Local Roads Conference
Spring 2002 Proper Drainage Reduces Roadway Problems
Winter 2001 Bringing the Nighttime Road to Life
Fall 2001 National Work Zone Memorial
Summer 2001 Hilton Head Stormwater Project
Spring 2001 Improving Relations With Public Officials
Winter 2000 ARTS: Asphalt Rubber Technology Service
Fall 2000 GASB 34: What it is and how does it Affect YOU?
Summer 2000 Dust Busting
Spring 2000 T3S Considers Going "Paperless"
Winter 1999 University Transportation Center Funded at SC State
Fall 1999 T3S Launches Web Site
Summer 1999 "Hands-On" Motorgrading Training
Spring 1999 Surface Treatment: An Effective Means of Pavement Maint.